A tour among fossils of hippos and elephants from a million years ago, a fascinating journey into the Amazon jungle, a path to the peaks of Monti Sibillini on the wings of an eagle. These are only some of the experiences waiting for you at the Science Museum of Camerino University, the only University science museum in all the Marche.  The Science Museum presents permanent and temporary exhibitions, educational projects and other activities.
On two exhibition floors we can take in the permanent collections, starting with the paleontological collection.  This features fossils of hippos, elephants, rhinos and other vertebrates dating back a million years and collected from sites at Collecurti and Cesi on the Colfiorito Plains. The Biocca collection is absolutely unique.  Collected in the Amazon in the early 1960s by parasitologist Ettore Biocca it is made up of ethno-anthropological materials of the Yanoama people, as well as insects, birds and tropical mammals.   There are other zoological exhibitions related to the environment of the Marche Region,  the "Buonaccorsi" collection,  the "Giustiniani - Bandini" collection and the “Battoni” beetle collection.

This wealth of objects is supported by educational multimedia information presented on computers with text, pictures, and games that allow personal interaction and direct contact with natural history specimens.  In the education room, school groups can by prior arrangement work with an extensive range of exhibits, watch films and listen to lectures given by museum staff. 
The newly opened Science Room has enriched the Museum.  It features recent acquisitions of equipment from the history of research in the University and new laboratory experiences from the basic sciences.  In the Science Room scientific and technological exhibits demonstrate just how much science is a part of our everyday life. 
All of these combine to make a visit to the Museum of Natural Sciences at the University of Camerino a unique, memorable and enjoyable experience, one that is full of fun.